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Creative solutions for your client communications.

  • Our customers can’t understand their bills.
  • Patients are always late, or aren’t properly prepared for their appointments.
  • Our A/R cycle has grown too long, it’s out of control!
  • Marketing campaigns don’t work, no one responds.
  • It takes way too long for us to get our billing out ourselves.
If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Creative Companies has the answers! Our communication solutions cover the entire range of the revenue cycle, from marketing to pre-appointment preparation, invoices and statements, and collection letters.  Our custom solutions extend far beyond just print and mail, and include online solutions for both desktop and mobile devices. 

  • Have clear, concise and attention-grabbing statements, invoices and notices.
  • Support online payments that allow your customers to pay their bills easier and faster.
  • Reduce your missed appointments by up to 30%.
  • Turn your statements and invoices into targeted marketing messages.
  • Reduce labor and physical resources and put them to use in other areas.      
If these sound like just the solutions you need for your customer communication we can help!  We have found that a standard application does not provide the cost-return benefits needed in an outsourcing relationship. 

The Creative Companies can improve your customer communications, brand identity and business cash flow.  We offer exceptional personal service, combined with outstanding value.

Contact Sheryl Ross ​for a complimentary consultation on the right custom solution for your business. 
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