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​The cost of missed appointments is staggering – by one account it costs the U.S. Healthcare system more than $150-billion/year in lost revenue. Hospitals and clinics across the nation struggle to reduce no-show rates, with little long term results. While pediatric clinics often site no-show numbers in the low single digits, urban family clinics routinely site rates as high as 15 and 20% with certain procedural clinics seeing rates spiking as high as 50% in some periods.
The unfortunate truth is this is completely preventable. With good planning, forethought, and the proper application of appropriate communication and marketing methodologies we can easily create reductions in missed appointments regardless of the nature of the patient, the payment method, or the service being offered.
Enter Creative’s Appointment Reminder…
Designed to help patients clearly understand your expectations, our Appointment Reminders help them know where to go, how to get there, what to bring with them, and how to prepare for each appointment.
Our Appointment Reminders will help your patients:Arrive at the correct location, on time.Come properly prepared, with all necessary paperwork completed.Bring additional materials, including copayments and insurance cards with them.Understand available payment and financing options and how to apply.Manage multiple same-day appointments, and how to move between each.

We are so sure of our solution and the results it will generate, that we guarantee it will reduce your missed appointment rates by 30% in the first year or we will cover the cost for you to shift to another provider of your choice (up to our original startup cost).
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